Partners achieve success with ‘Inclusive Smart Cities by Design’ in Johan Cruijff ArenA

A livable safe, sustainable, accessible and inclusive city is something we all aim for. But what must we do to create it? We caught up with several international experts during the Inclusive Smart Cities by Design conference held in Amsterdam on June 20, 2019.

Technology to overcome challenges

On and around the massive football pitch in Johan Cruijff ArenA, they shared their ideas on the role of modern technology in solving some of the social and public issues facing urban areas, including the challenges associated with the energy transition or transport. Erik Verhoef, a Professor of Spatial Economics at VU University Amsterdam, homed in one innovative ideas for an accessible and mobile city, while Ellen Nieuweboer (Regional Director for the Southeast Amsterdam borough) walked us through the smart and sustainable developments in this section of the capital.


The conference was an initiative of Geodan, Huawei, Johan Cruijff ArenA and the City of Amsterdam and was part of the WeMakeThe.City project.

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Inclusion = smart

During the parallel sessions Smart City Tech and Smart Energy Transition, the attendees – drawn from the business community, government and education – shed light on high-impact measures designed to create a smart and sustainable city. They also discussed the role of data and technology in the energy transition and the massive challenge we face in this regard. The attendees also took part in several inspiring workshops, identifying the impact of the transition together and coming up with practical solutions to get the public more involved in the digital transition of cities.

Smart dashboard creates smart city

One highlight was the presentation of the Amsterdam Smart City Dashboard by Geodan CEO Henk Scholten. This provided the attendees with a real-time glimpse into the role technology can play in solving social issues in urban areas.

Real-time display

Based on data collected from a large number of data sources and real-time sensors, the dashboard provides customised, real-time information on areas on areas such as our living environment, transport and energy, including current traffic activity, air quality, weather and energy consumption. This makes it possible for the stakeholders involved to improve various processes in urban areas.


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