BRO bewijst meerwaarde in Ede en Friesland

BRO proves added value in Ede and Friesland

The Subsurface Key Register (BRO) contains increasingly more accurate data on opportunities, challenges and risks related to the subsurface. It ensures that government authorities are better equipped to solve current public challenges such as the energy transition and climate adaptation. The fact that the use of up-to-date, reliable subsurface data in practical examples related to a number of areas adds value is becoming evident again in the town of Ede and in Friesland province, where the Subsurface Key Register serves as the basis for a climate-proof city and sustainable peatland.

Climate-proof Ede

Climate change gives rise to wetter, dryer, warmer and more extreme weather, causing an increase in economic losses from drought and flooding. The Ede local authority has therefore been using data sourced from the Subsurface Key Register to build a climate-resistant and flood-resistant city.

Understanding of peat subsidence

Friesland province has been experiencing a loss of its peatland, causing the soil to subside. This is affecting the natural environment, agriculture and the built environment in a number of ways. Wetterskip Fryslân (the Friesland water board), Provincie Fryslân (the Friesland Provincial Authority) and other stakeholders have drafted a report on the future of the peatland, including a sustainable development report for the peatland areas. The data sourced from the Subsurface Key Register has improved understanding of peat subsidence and the development of effective measures.

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