case - Transform 40 000 woningen van het gas af

Appropriate services for every street

The councils of Apeldoorn, Deventer, Zutphen and Zwolle are working together on the Transform project to ensure that 40,000 homes can stop using natural gas at an earlier date. This presents quite a challenge, partly because the parties concerned are reluctant to apply for large subsidies. By reallocating funds in the project area, it should be possible to close the business case without any problem, and everyone should be able to join in the project without seeing their expenses rise.

Spatial data is crucial

The energy transition is one of the biggest challenges we will face over the next few decades. This is true from both a spatial (urban-planning) and social point of view, because how do project initiators gather support among all these different stakeholders? Space is scarce in this overpopulated country, and the transition can only succeed if smart urban-planning decisions are made. This means spatial data is crucial.

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Identifying opportunities

Transform has a need for information about the potential of neigbourhoods and streets to successfully stop using natural gas. For example, they could start taking advantage of economies of scale or join existing initiatives. A pipeline network that needs to be replaced or a potential source of waste heat in the vicinity can also increase a neighbourhood’s potential. Geodan collects data on the current situation and opportunities available in neighbourhoods and streets. This includes the year of construction of the homes, the energy label, current energy consumption and the potential of installing solar panels on the roof. Transform and policymakers from various local councils are using this data to identify opportunities for neighbourhoods and streets. This data gives Transform insight into all the urban-planning aspects that play a role in creating a business case.

"It is by increasing this scale that Transform intends to make the energy transition viable and affordable. It’s all about expanding before you start reducing"

Arno Groenendijk, Transform Programme Manager

Viable services for every street and neighbourhood

Geodan has conducted a spatial analysis and integrated dozens of grouped datasets. This spatial information is available from Geodans Energy Transition Viewer and serves as the basis for the calculations in order to determine where the most suitable neighbourhoods and streets are located.
The data shows, for example, in what areas demand can be combined, as well as helping the public participate in the plans and the tailored services Transform can offer them.