Can the soil help us become climate neutral?

The Municipality of Woerden aims to be fully climate-neutral by 2030. To this end, the municipality is working on a plan together with residents, companies, and knowledge institutions. But how can the soil help tackle this social issue? Commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Geodan developed a dynamic 3D model visualizing the subsurface around the municipality of Woerden.

Mapping out the soil in Woerden

Does the soil consist of clay or loose sand? This can affect the future locations of your construction project. After all, one type of soil is more durable than the other and if you know what you’ll encounter underground in advance, you can save energy and costs. Besides, it lets you combine different assets in all sorts of smart ways. Are there pipes in the ground already? Where do you get your drinking water and the oil field under Woerden not pose any dangers? In the 3D model, you will find answers to all of these questions in a handy overview. The foundation for the best policy plans.


The entire underground infrastructure of Woerden has been mapped out in the 3D model, helping the municipality and its partners make sound decisions. 

Dynamic 3D-model